Discover the power of Bravura Brokerage through the experiences of our satisfied clients. From streamlining business processes to delivering exceptional customer service, see how Bravura Brokerage has made a real impact.


Hear it From Our Happy Customers

"Julie is extremely knowledgeable about all her products and has her client's best interest at heart 100% of the time. She strives to understand each person's unique scenario and helps them to understand all aspects of what they need. I would highly recommend Julie to anyone who wants a true partner to help them with their insurance."
- Kimberly J.
"Working with Julie is a genuine pleasure. She explains insurance clearly in a way I can understand. It is refreshing and much appreciated."
- Kim D.
"Julie is awesome! I have had the pleasure of working with Julie over the past two years and have seen first hand how she works with homeowners and their insurance claims from storm damage. I can say that Julie truly cares for her clients and makes sure they are covered properly. I highly recommend Julie to anyone looking for coverage and a policy that is cost effective and affordable."
- Briana N.
"Julie has helped me with our car and home insurance for the past several years. She helped me on numerous occasions even when I did not have insurance with American Family. Someone you can trust."
- Marc F.
"I can't say enough great things about our insurance agent, Julie Sequeira! She's been our agent now for a few years, and through many different changes in our lives, she's been beyond helpful and responsive. She always knows who we are, what we need, and goes above and beyond. 5 stars actually may not even be enough :)"
- Shauna R.
"Julie is amazing. She really knows her stuff. If you are lost in the world of insurance and need guidance, Julie is your gal. She can help you understand what and why you have coverage. We spend too much money on insurance not to understand it."
- Tracie R.
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